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Equity, One Payroll at a Time

Welcome to Hummingbird’s documentation. Get started with Installation and then get an overview with the Quickstart.

Why this project?

Our name, The Hummingbird Project, is based on the hummingbird, which is known as a keystone species, as it is vital to keeping the balance within an ecosystem and would drastically change the landscape of an ecosystem were it to leave. Similarly, our project aims to guard and promote diversity in the workplace, and much like a keystone species, ensure the balance for fair and equal pay for equal work.

What We Do

Our application has three main functions:

  1. It allows you to upload a spreadsheet of your workers’ payroll and statistically analyzes it to determine whether workers of a certain group (i.e. race or gender) are being systemtically discriminated.
  2. It can determine whether a single worker is being paid less than their peers by a significant amount, ensuring no single worker is subjected to unfairness.
  3. If given a dataset spanning multiple years, it can make a bias-free race-blind estimate of what an employee’s salary should be, based on their pay in the past few years and detecting whether or not they may be subject to discrimination in the future.

The docs contained therein are heavily inspired by the documentation provided by Flask and React.